About AcBel
  AcBel Overview  
Management & Organization
 Chairman Rock Hsu
Honorary Doctor of Philosophy, National Taiwan Normal University

Current Position

  Chinese National Federation of Industries (CNFI)
  China Productivity Center
  Compal Electronics, Inc.
  AcBel Polytech Inc.
Vice Chairman:
  Straits Exchange Foundation
Honorary Chairman:
  Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (TEEMA)
  Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei


Chairman, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (TEEMA)

Chairman, Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei

Deputy Managing Director、,General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China

Consultant, Executive Yuan

Consultant, President 's Financial Advisory G

 CEO David Kao
Department of Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering, National Cheng Kung University

Current Position
CEO, AcBel Polytech Inc.


Manufacturing\RD\Sales Manager, AcBel Polytech Inc.


 Audit Office
  • Review and evaluate the internal control system.
  • Create and maintain the internal auditing system to establish the early warning mechanism.
  • Periodically audit the operation of every internal management system.

 President’s Office
  • Manage and coordinate operations of all departments
  • Supervise implementation of business goals and development plans

 Operation & Management Office
  • Plan, integrate, and execute company-wide related projects
  • Assess and manage company related investment plans
  • Prepare annual business strategies
  • Prepare, assess, and implement company-wide related plans
  • Coordinate the design of policies and operations of all departments
  • Generate company development plans and supervise implementation of business goals and related plans

 Overseas Center
  • Develop new business, and offer overseas customer local support and RMA service.

 Corporate Legal Office
  • File patent application, manage company intellectual property, and hold company-related legal events.

 Labor Safety & Health Office
  • Plan, supervise, and execute labor safety and sanitation management and training programs.
  • Establish the accident prevention plan, and investigation procedures.
  • Plan labor health examination and execute the labor health plan.

 Advanced Technology Research Center
  • Pre-research for smart grid network management and communication information software.
  • Develop technology for large amount of information processing platform.
  • Be responsible for research of enterprise energy management and data processing analysis technology.
  • Develop technology for cloud database integration and application.
  • Develop technology for innovative value-added service.

 Business Center
  • Be responsible for sale and R&D of power supplies for electronic products, modules, and equipment.
  • Develop new technology and provide function improvement, sampling, maintenance, safety verification, parts confirmation, technical support, and quality assurance of the above products.
  • Analyze market trends and determine the market position for the future products.
  • Provide customer service.

 Research Center
  • Integrate all R&D systems to enhance design ability and improve the R&D process.
  • Pre-research new circuits and new technology in accordance with company’s development stratagy.
  • Evaluate the applications of new invention and patent.
  • Provide product-related technical support and consulting service.

 Procurement Center
  • Plan and develop the company's strategic procurement plans and handle raw materials management.
  • Establish and implement supplier development and evaluation system.
  • Propose and implement the strategy for reducing the company's operating cost.

 Quality Assurance Center
  • Set and maintain the company quality policy and quality system.
  • Review and sign the quality agreement with customers and suppliers.
  • Maintain the standard quality system (e.g. ISO, etc.).
  • Manage Green Product Management System (e.g. RoHS, WEEE, etc.).
  • Execute the quality management plans.
  • Manage the quality of customer service and customer satisfaction.

 Administration Center
  • MIS: Manage the internet system and the company information manage system
  • HR: Plan and perform recruiting, employee development, payroll management, employee retirement, and other HR related functions.
  • General Affairs: Provide property management, maintenance of the work environment, and procurement of office supplies and factory equipment.

 Finance Center
  • Analyze the company operating result and review the annual operation goals.
  • Plan and perform the corporate financial management.
  • Supervise the accounting operation and produce related reports for strategy analysis.
  • Handle tax and tax relief related business.
  • Provide company stock management.
  • Manage customer credit.