Products and Services
Healthcare Application: 
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, Electric Nursing Cart, Ultra-Sound, Patient Monitoring System, Ventilator, Hemodailysis, Oxygen Concentrator, ICP Machine, Anesthesia Machine, Infusion Pump.

Medical Certification: 
IEC60601-1 3.1 Ed, 2xMOPP, CE, CB, UL, cUL, FCC, CCC, BSMI and EMC 4 Ed.

PictureModel No.Dimension (mm)DescriptionEfficiencyInsulationData Sheet
MDA060-012CDA127x51x30.560W / 12VDoE6 & CoC22 x MOPP
MDA060-019CDA127x51x30.560W / 19VDoE6 & CoC22 x MOPP
MDA060-024CDA127x51x30.560W / 24VDoE6 & CoC22 x MOPP
MDA090-012CDA150x65x3690W / 12VDoE6 & CoC22 x MOPP
MDA090-019CDA150x65x3690W / 19VDoE6 & CoC22 x MOPP
MDA090-024CDA150x65x3690W / 24VDoE6 & CoC22 x MOPP
MDA138-012CBA175x72x33138W / 12VDoE6 & CoC22 x MOPP
MDA150-012CBA175x72x33150W / 12VDoE6 & CoC22 x MOPP
MDA150-019CBA175x72x33150W / 19VDoE6 & CoC22 x MOPP
MDA150-024CDA175x72x33150W / 24VDoE6 & CoC22 x MOPP