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Social Care

AcBel's social engagement has been integrated with environmental sustainability, focusing on "Care for Ecological Environment and Support to Local Underprivileged Communities." Collaborating with supply chains, social welfare organizations, community schools, media platforms, and other partners, AcBel integrates internal and external resources to achieve the goal of mutual progress and prosperity. In addition, AcBel aligns its efforts with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4, 6, 7, 14, and 15, covering five important aspects of Quality Education, Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy, as well as Life below Water and Life on Land.

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2022 Charity Activity

Environmental Sustainability Initiatives

"Do One Thing for Tamsui River" Initiative

As a local company originating from Tamsui in New Taipei City, AcBel continues the "Do One Thing for Tamsui River" initiative, which was initiated by the Commonwealth magazine in 2020 as part of its CSR@Commonwealth program. In 2022, we organized a "Citizen Nature Ecological Visits" activity aimed at expanding the impact of environmental education and raising awareness about ecological diversity. A total of 25 employees and their family members participated in the visit to Banqiao Xinhai Artificial Wetland in New Taipei City, an important man-made wetland along the Dahan River. During the visit, the participants rediscovered local plants such as water lilies, water hyacinths, and cattails, and actively participated in removing invasive species like water spinach and water lettuce. Through this hands-on experience at the forefront of ecology, our employees and their families deepened their awareness and appreciation for environmental conservation.

Ecological Protection Activity

"Leopard Cat Watershed Restoration Project - Rice Field Contract Farming "

Continuing our support for social enterprise innovation and the conservation of biodiversity, in alignment with the "Leopard Cat Rice Watershed Restoration" initiative in 2020, AcBel actively engaged in environmentally friendly rice cultivation practices to support local farmers in Miaoli County in 2022. We purchased a total of 6,528 catties (approximately 3,826 kilograms) of Leopard Cat Rice. The harvested white rice was distributed to underprivileged families and provided to each employee, aiming to inspire everyone's commitment to ecological sustainability. This project has also received the "Buying Power Social Innovation Product and Service Procurement Award - Support Award" from the Ministry of Economic Affairs for two consecutive years.

"Joining Farmers in Field" Leopard Cat Rice Transplanting Experience

In order to raise awareness for the protection of the critically endangered Leopard Cats, a native felid species in Taiwan, AcBel collaborated with a social enterprise to organize the "Joining Farmers in Rice Field" Leopard Cat Rice Transplanting Experience. A group of 39 employees and their families were guided through a visit to the Formosan Leopard Cat Rice cultivation area in Miaoli. Through on-site biodiversity tours and informative presentations, participants gained a better understanding of the balanced coexistence between ecosystems and human life.

Environment Protection Activity

Coastal Adoption and Beach Cleanup Activities

Since 2020, AcBel has been participating in the Environmental Protection Administration's "Beach Adoption Program" by adopting a 450-meter stretch of Zhuzi Bay Beach, located near our factory in Tamsui, New Taipei City. In 2022, we extended our adoption to cover a 600-meter length of coastline. We also encouraged our colleagues and their families to join us in marine environmental conservation efforts. Through two beach cleanup activities, we collected a total of 121 kilograms of marine debris, demonstrating our common commitment to protecting the beauty of local rivers and coastline. We also encouraged our employees to enjoy the beauty of the natural environment by visiting this beach with their families during their leisure time.

Environmental Sustainability Education

Education Workshop for Basic Water Resources

In 2022, AcBel collaborated with Guandu Nature Park to organize the "Project Wet Water Resources Education Workshop." This marked the first time that Guandu Nature Park's team brought water resources curriculum into a corporate setting. The workshop featured curriculum certified by the Project WET Foundation, an American water resources education program. Through relevant teaching materials and strategies, the workshop connected to SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation and highlighted the importance of water source protection. A total of 24 employees received certificates of completion jointly awarded by Guandu Nature Park and the Project WET Foundation, becoming seeding teachers in water resources education.

Green Energy and Carbon Reduction Education Camp

In 2022, AcBel resumed the "Education Camp for Green Energy and Carbon Reduction" and incorporated part-time worker program for the employee's children and the "Education Workshop for Basic Water Resources". This initiative aimed to design environmental education and field trips for students from nearby elementary schools such as Taipei Yu-Ying Elementary School, Zhuwei Elementary School, and Taoyuan Elementary School, deepening their environmental literacy. With a focus on "water resources," we led the students to visit the Taipei Water Department Environmental Education Center, where they had the opportunity to learn about the water treatment process firsthand and understood the impact of individual water usage on water resources through games. From 2018 to 2022, a total of 311 elementary school children from 10 schools participated in this free green education program.

Social Care

"Flying with Dreams " Project

AcBel believes in the transformative power of education and, therefore, supports the "Flying with Dreams" project initiated by the Hsu Chau-Ing Social Welfare Charity Foundation. The program aims to provide funding for underprivileged children from disadvantaged families to pursue diverse interests and develop their talents, allowing them to regain confidence and a sense of accomplishment through artistic and skillbased learning. In 2022, a total of 359 employees sponsored the "Flying with Dreams" project, raising 769,290 NT dollars and helping 43 underprivileged children from disadvantaged families realize their dreams of learning and developing their talents according to their individual interests.

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"Dreams Come True" Activity

Each year, AcBel collaborates with the Hsu Chau-Ing Social Welfare Charity Foundation to organize the "Dreams Come True" gift collection campaign. Through cooperation with rural schools, the campaign collects wish lists from underprivileged children. After matching the wishes with AcBel employees, the gifts are then presented to the children, creating a win-win situation for both the underprivileged children and AcBel employees. In 2022, a total of 93 children had their wishes fulfilled through the "Dreams Come True" campaign, receiving special gifts from AcBel participants and realizing their own gift wishes.

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Year-End Fundraising Campaign

Each year, during the year-end period, the company would lead its employees in initiating a voluntary "Joint Fundraising Campaign" where all proceeds raised are donated to support disadvantaged groups or welfare organizations. In the 2022 "Joint Fundraising Campaign," a total of 445 employees participated and raised NT$865,366, continuing to promote the positive impact of social care and love.

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Blood Donation in the Plant Area

In 2022, with well-prepared pandemic prevention measures, AcBel continued its collaboration with the Taipei Blood Center to organize two "Love Blood Donation Events" at its plant sites. A total of 97 employees participated, and a remarkable 158 bags, totaling nearly 40,000 cc of blood, were collected. This demonstrated the employees' enthusiastic commitment to helping others in the post-pandemic era.

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In the future, we will focus on "biodiversity" and "net-zero emissions" as the main pillars to exert sustainable influence as a company. We will integrate and allocate resources to plan distinctive social and cultural care activities with a focus on environmental and ecological sustainability. This will foster a sense of corporate sustainability citizenship and deepen partnerships within the community. We are committed to actively fulfilling our corporate citizenship responsibilities, exerting a positive impact, and shaping and achieving the goals of a socially beneficial cycle.