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Employee Benefits

Employee Remunerations

The company regularly conducts remuneration surveys to determine appropriate compensation packages based on industry and regional salary levels. These factors are combined with the cost of living, minimum wage regulations, and social welfare requirements. Additionally, considering the overall profitability of the company, efforts are made to ensure that the remuneration and benefits offered exceed the legal requirements, taking into account the needs of employees and their families. The company also places importance on the development of comprehensive social insurance and retirement systems to ensure that employees receive reasonable retirement benefits and welfare provisions upon retirement.

Remuneration packages at AcBel are designed based on the responsibilities and requirements of different positions, and it does not discriminate based on gender. Regular salary reviews and evaluations are conducted to ensure the reasonableness and fairness of the salary structure. Necessary adjustments are made as needed to address any inequalities and ensure equal treatment.

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In each operating location, taking into account the talent market and company profitability, the basic salaries of employees are determined with reference to the local statutory minimum wages. This ensures that employees receive reasonable compensation for their work. In four regions, including Taiwan, Dongguan, Wuhan, and Wujian, the basic salary is higher than the statutory minimum wage.

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Although the company follows the principle of equal pay for equal work, there is a slight difference in the gender pay ratio due to factors such as job responsibilities and years of experience. This is mainly attributed to the characteristics of the electronics industry, where male employees are more predominant in managerial and research and development roles, which generally come with higher levels of responsibility and experience. As a result, their salaries tend to be higher compared to female employees. On the other hand, female employees are more dominant in operator roles, and they often have more years of experience compared to their male counterparts. Therefore, their salaries may be higher than those of male employees in these positions.

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In 2022, employee compensation and the average compensation continued to increase for the third consecutive year. The median compensation increased by 16.3% compared to the previous year. When compared to the industry peers, the average compensation for the years 2020 to 2022 outperformed the industry.

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Employee Benefits

The welfare plan at AcBel is divided into two categories: statutory and non-statutory. Statutory welfare is designed in accordance with legal regulations and consists of three main areas: "Safety and Health," "Non-attendance Benefits," and "Employee Services," ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Additionally, to attract and retain talent, we optimize company resources based on the specific conditions of each operating base and provide benefits that exceed the statutory requirements to meet the daily needs of our employees.

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Employee Clubs

AcBel values the well-being of its employees' physical and mental health as well as the harmony between work and family life. The company encourages employees to form their own clubs and provides financial support to facilitate the organization of activities. This allows employees to engage in various hobbies and recreational activities outside of work, which helps alleviate stress and fosters camaraderie among colleagues and family relationships.

Up till 2022, in Taiwan, AcBel has 7 clubs in outdoor and cultural categories. Over the past three years, the participation rate in these clubs has accounted for approximately 30% of the total employee population. In China, each plant independently organizes employee birthday celebrations, sports competitions, and special festival events, providing opportunities for employees to relax and unwind. These activities also contribute to strengthening team cohesion and promoting communication and collaboration among employees.

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Each year, in Taiwan, AcBel organizes a Family Day Event to encourage employees and their families to participate in outdoor recreational activities, showcasing the company's value of work-life balance. In 2022, the Family Day had the theme of "AcBel Wilderness Day - Forest Music Festival" hosted by the chairman and was attended by 1,717 employees and their families. The event featured live music performances and offered various interactive activities, including animal encounters at a farm, team challenges, and do-it-yourself (DIY) workshops. These activities provided opportunities for employees to interact, engage in challenges, and unleash their creativity. Not only did it strengthen the bond among family members, but it also fostered communication and collaboration among colleagues.

Caring for Female Employees

AcBel values the care and needs of female employees and strives to enhance their workplace participation rate and retention rate by providing tailored measures and services for female employees, as well as creating a supportive work environment.

★ Breastfeeding Room: In addition to providing unlimited pumping breaks per day, the company has set up breastfeeding rooms that exceed legal requirements, providing a convenient and comfortable environment for breastfeeding mothers.
★ Maternity Leave and Related Benefits: The company offers maternity leave, prenatal check-up leave, paternity leave, and parental leave (childcare break) in accordance with legal requirements to support the needs of female employees during pregnancy and childcare. Female employees can also apply for menstrual leave.
★ Occupational Health Care: The company employs occupational specialistsand nurses to provide health care for pregnant and lactating employees.
★ Free Breast Imaging and Pap Smear Tests: In collaboration with local health authorities, AcBel provides free breast imaging and pap smear tests for female employees, ensuring early prevention of related diseases.

Conforming to the law, AcBel provides the rights of parental leave to employees who have the need to care for newborns or infants. This allows employees to have adequate time and space to focus on taking care of and nurturing their children while retaining their positions and related benefits. In 2022, the actual number of employees applying for parental leave doubled compared to the previous year, and both the return to work rate and retention rate reached 100%.

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