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Health and Safety Workplace

Health and Safety Management

Employee health is a top priority and key consideration for AcBel. Creating a safe and healthy work environment that protects employees from potential health and safety hazards is one of the company's core objectives. AcBel focuses on five aspects: "Health Management and Promotion," "Disaster Prevention and Handling," "Occupational Health and Safety Risk Management," "Occupational Health and Safety Education and Training," and "Occupational Disease Prevention and Control." These guidelines aim to build a workplace environment with "Zero Discrimination, Zero Bullying, Zero Work-Related Injuries, Zero Occupational Accidents, and Zero Pollution." This approach ensures that all employees receive comprehensive care for their physical and mental well-being, enhances the overall competitiveness of the company, and also safeguards the well-being of contractors and employees from on-site contractors.

Apart from adhering to the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) Code of Conduct, AcBel has also implemented ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. By following the regulatory framework, the company identifies hazardous sources, assesses risks, and develops preventive or mitigation plans to enhance employee safety and reduce the occurrence of workplace hazards, thereby creating a better and safer work environment.

In addition to complying with Taiwanese legal requirements, AcBel goes beyond local regulations at its other production sites. It establishes "Occupational Safety and Health Committees" following the framework of ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which consists of representatives from both labor and management. These committees are responsible for managing occupational safety and health and employee well-being. Through risk prevention, innovation, and continuous improvement, AcBel aims to reduce operational losses and enhance regulatory compliance, thus improving the organization's resilience. In 2022, there were 211 issues related to occupational safety raised and 926 risk identifications and assessments conducted in Taiwan. Through committee discussions, continuous efforts are made to optimize the workplace environment.

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Four Major Protection Project for Labor Health

AcBel is committed to ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of employees by implementing preventive measures and corresponding actions to reduce workplace risks. It aims to create a work environment that promotes physical and mental well-being.

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Environmental Training Promotion and Safety Awareness

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In 2022, AcBel conducted two annual comprehensive fire drills and one training session for first aid responders across all of our production sites. Additionally, the company organized educational training programs on occupational health and safety. The total number of participants in these training activities reached 76,511 individuals, accumulating a total training duration of 50,823 hours.

AcBel complies with local regulations by facilitating the renewal and certification training for occupational safety-related licenses. This ensures that employees have sufficient knowledge and capabilities to handle occupational safety matters, thereby reducing potential risks and the occurrence of work-related incidents.

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Active Prevention of Occupational Hazards

In 2022, there were no incidents of occupational fatalities, injuries, or occupational diseases reported at any of AcBel production sites. However, there were nine work-related accidents in Taiwan resulting from commuting traffic accidents. All workplace injury incidents were promptly reported through official channels to the responsible occupational safety and health units in each plant. Proper measures were taken for post-incident handling and improvement planning. Through safety promotion and training, efforts were made to reduce the likelihood of recurring accidents.

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Employee Health Promotion

AcBel aims for "Health and Well-being" as the goal of health promotion and has implemented multiple measures in employee health care to ensure their health and well-being.

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1. Pre-Employment Health Check and Physician Care:The newly employed are required to submit a health check-up report upon reporting to work, and based on their health status, they are provided with appropriate physician consultation and counseling. This helps in identifying employees' health conditions and providing personalized medical advice and consultation.
2. Physical Examination for All:Each year, AcBel provides free health check-ups for all employees, which helps in early detection of potential health issues and provides relevant health education to ensure the well-being of our employees.
3. Health Promotion Activities:AcBel organizes various health promotion activities, including health education lectures, sports and physical training, nutritional consultations, and more, to enhance employees' awareness of health management.
4. Overwork Alert and Physician Care:AcBel utilizes systematic functions to provide early warnings and monitor employees who are engaged in excessive workloads. We also offer necessary health counseling and support to prevent overwork and related health issues.

In 2022, a total of 1,604 individuals participated in health promotion activities at AcBel in Taiwan. These activities included health education and COVID-19 prevention seminars, weight loss and walking events, as well as physical fitness testing and massage services by visually impaired individuals.

From 2020 to 2022, the participation rate for health check-ups exceeded 95% among employees. A total of 196 colleagues underwent special health examinations, and their health management risk levels were all within the second level of management or below. There were no reported cases of occupational diseases caused by chemical exposure.