AcBel Polytech Inc. 康舒科技

Professional Training

Excellent Talent Cultivation

AcBel promotes a talent development program centered on competencies, aiming to accumulate the momentum for transformational growth and ensure the company's sustainable operations and the sustainable development of talents.

●Training Credit System
AcBel establishes a learning and development roadmap for different positions and job levels, which is linked to career progression. It promotes a training credit system where employees can participate in various learning paths based on their individual development needs. In the case of the Taiwan plants, employees are encouraged to accumulate at least 24 credits per year to enhance their core competencies and foster sustainable talents.

●Training Performance Evaluation
AcBel conducts performance analysis and records for each training course to enhance training effectiveness and continuously improve the quality of education and training. These records are archived in the learning system and serve as a basis for future course planning and improvement. Quarterly, the company compiles training performance evaluation reports to provide senior executives with insights into training outcomes and enable them to make informed decisions.

●Flexible and Diverse Courses
AcBel is committed to providing employees with a better learning environment and continuously invests resources to improve training facilities and learning platform systems. Currently, there are over 120 digital courses available on the internal learning platform, and a mobile learning system in the form of an application has been launched. This allows employees to have more learning options and flexibility.

●Training Effectiveness Evaluation
AcBel ensures the effectiveness of training by implementing a comprehensive evaluation mechanism that includes the levels of reaction, learning, behavior, and results, to ensure the achievement of training objectives. In the case of the work location in Taiwan, training effectiveness is assessed through course satisfaction feedback, trainer observations, and course evaluations. According to the statistics from 2021-2022, the average course satisfaction rating is 3.71 out of 4, indicating a high level of overall satisfaction among participating employees.

In 2022, a total of 21 on-site management courses were conducted in Taiwan, and the post-training action plan implementation rate reached 100%. Participating employees were able to apply what they learned to their practical work. Additionally, 2 courses were scheduled for follow-up training, providing employees with the opportunity for further deepening and improvement.

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Incentives for Certificates and Language Learning

Encountering with international competition, AcBel is actively cultivating talents with international perspectives and expertise. The company continues to increase its investment in learning subsidies and certification incentives. Over the past three years, the amount allocated for professional certifications and foreign language proficiency subsidies has consistently risen. Although there was a decrease in the number of applicants and the amount spent on learning subsidies and foreign language examination subsidies in 2022, the overall investment increased slightly by 10.69% due to an increase in the total amount spent on certification incentives. This demonstrates AcBel's commitment to employee development and professional growth, motivating employees to continuously learn and improve, thereby enhancing their value and competitiveness in the workplace.

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Human Rights Training

To ensure the full protection of human rights at all operational sites and for employees, AcBel takes a proactive approach through risk management to identify and assess human rights risks. The company aims to create a workplace where every employee is treated with respect and fairness. Additionally, AcBel places a strong emphasis on communication with employees, especially during significant operational changes. In compliance with relevant laws and regulations, employees are provided with advance notice to ensure they have sufficient time to adapt to changes or adjust their work arrangements, thereby safeguarding their rights in the workplace.

In 2022, AcBel conducted human rights audits and assessments across all operational sites to ensure 100% protection of employee rights. The company demonstrated its commitment to reducing the risks of human rights violations. Considering the different management approaches at each operational site, some locations provided training specifically targeted at management levels, while general employees received awareness programs. As a result, the proportion of employees receiving training varied across different job positions, with some groups having lower participation rates. Moving forward, AcBel aims to implement a 100% training approach for all employees, regardless of their positions, and extend it to include supply chain partners to ensure the effective implementation of human rights protections.

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