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Sustainable Governance

AcBel Company Profile

Company Overview

AcBel was incorporated in 1981. Ever since its incorporation, AcBel has persisted in rooting its establishment in Taiwan and has its global operating and R&D headquarter located in Tamsui District of New Taipei City in Taiwan. A manufacturing plant was founded to provide employment opportunities to the locals. AcBel also follows its operating and management philosopy of “Innovation, Harmony, and Excellence”, with power management technology as a core value, to continuously innovate new technology to serve customers and therefore becomes a major partner of world top companies.

AcBel developed from demastic and overseas electronic parts retail business in early days to power supply product design and production. In addition to power supply, AcBel also develops products in the area of smart grid and LED lighting. AcBel also progressively extends its product lines to green energy, power storage equipment, medicare and electic car and its by products of power related product development.

As a response to globalization and compaly development strategy, AcBel also has professional R&D teams in China, the USA and Malaysia. These teams develop advanced research and product development of high efficiency power suppy and other related products to fufill the needs from the customers. Three manufacturing bases, China (Dongguan, established in 1998), China (Xiantao, established in 2010) and the Philippines (Calamba, established in 2012), combine with the one in Tamsui Taiwan to create a multifunctional production network so as to satisfy the needs from customers all over the world.

Contact Information for AcBel Major
Manufacturing Plants

  • Taiwan / Tamsui Plant

    AcBel Polytech Inc.

    No. 159, Sec.3, Danjin Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, 25144, Taiwan
    Tel: 886-2-2621-7672
    Fax: 886-2-2623-4156

  • China / Dongguan Plant

    AcBel Electronic (Dong Guan) Co., Ltd.

    No.17-28, (Hong Yeh Rd.), Hong Yeh Industrial District, Tang Xia Town, Dong Guan City, Guang Dong Province, 523710, China
    Tel: 86-769-8791-3815
    Fax: 86-769-8772-8464

  • China / Wuhan Plant

    AcBel Electronic (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.

    No.1, DuTai North Road Economic Development Zone, Xiantao City, Hubei Province, 433000, China
    Tel: 86-728-3900-888
    Fax: 86-728-3257-852

  • Philippines / Philippines Plant

    AcBel Polytech (Philippines) Inc.

    No.2, Tagaytay Ridge Drive, Carmelray Industrial Park II, Km 54 National Highway, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines, 4027
    Tel: 6349-502-7253
    Fax: 6349-502-7253 Ext. 3425

President Statement

AcBel has been adhering to the spirits of "Innovation, Harmony and Outstanding Performance" as its core management philosophy since establishment. The company has also been devoted to promoting sustainable development strategies as well as realizing corporate social responsibilities in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN. By so doing, AcBel expects to fulfill its corporate vision of "providing customers with complete solutions to become the best partner ofcutting edge environment-friendly energy."

Faced with global challenges arising from rapid growth of technology industry and US-China trade war, we remain unflustered and keep formulating strategies in development of consumer and industrial power products as well as novel scopes of power application, e.g. green energy, solar power plants, medical devices and electric vehicles. In 2019, AcBel has shown its competitive advantage by acquiring 317,000 smart meters in Taiwan Power Company’s electricity meter tender, taking up 40% of the meters in the tender; plus, construction plans of the solar power plant with a total capacity of more than 100MW has been successively put in place, marking a notable achievement in green energy. We look forward to becoming leader in innovative smart green energy by continuously grasping future development trend and needs of the market.

In 2019, with the efforts of all employees, yearly earnings of the company has reached NT$ 20.58 Billion with a growth of 9.9% and 47.18% on gross earnings and earnings per share respectively comparing to preceding account year. To showcase our determination in achieving sustainable corporate operation, AcBel invested NT$2.5 billion to build new plant in Tamsui, where AcBel Polytech Inc. is located. The construction of the new plant in Tamsui will be completed in 2021 and will formally join production in Q1 of 2022 by introducing a brand new smart production line. I aspire that the new Tamsui plant can contribute NT$2.5 billion worth of productivity to AcBel’s overall production and thus improve its earnings and profitability.

In other aspects of sustainable development, AcBel promotes “Flying Geese Paradigm,” which emphasizes four principles: “Teamwork, Leadership Rotating, Encouragement for Colleagues and Mutual Support.” AcBel also proposes a 4-dimensional action plan, underlined by “Warmth, Attitude, Demeanor and Positivity” to help create a sound corporate culture and to inspire the potential and creativity of our employees as well as to improve our performance in corporate management, environmental sustainability, social communion, sustainable supply chain, etc. AcBel’s practices and commitments have been widely recognized by domestic and international institutions. In recognition of our achievements, AcBel has been awarded “Corporate Sustainability Report Award - Electronic Information Manufacturing Category - Gold Award of 2019 Taiwan Corporate Sustainable Awards” by TAISE, “2019 Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards- Investment in People Award” by Enterprise Asia and “2019 CSR Annual Sustainable Elite Award” by SGS, and so on. In the future, AcBel will continue utilizing its expertise in technology as well as cautiously monitoring supply chain quality to maximize its competitiveness advantage on a worldwide scale.

In the meantime, AcBel expects to keep abreast of global development in science and technology, invest in new businesses, pursue diversified corporate development, implement and improve its performances economically, environmentally and socially so as to become the leading power supply manufacturer in global power industry.

Financial Performance

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2019 SER KPI Performance


Corporate Governance

Founded in 1981, AcBel has adhered to its corporate core values and theory of business over nearly four decades. To live up to one of the company's fundamental values, integrity, the company abides by the government's laws, formulating related regulations, protecting shareholders' interests, strengthening responsibility and function of the board of directors as well as the supervisors, enhancing risk prevention management, and realizing internal control and audit. AcBel also strives to respect the interests of stakeholder and increase the information transparency.

The shareholder meeting represents the highest decision-making body, while the board of directors and its functional committees are responsible for implementing and overseeing the operation of the company. The chairman of the company does not hold any high-level management position. A professional management team is assigned to be in charge of the operation of the company to ensure the achievement of operational performances.

To realize enhancement of effective corporate governance, a professional corporate governance team is established, with the head of the financial department as the convener, and the promotion of corporate governance related matters are jointly organized by the management office, financial department, administration department, and the corporate sustainable development office. In 2019, in accordance with the law amendments by the government, AcBel modified its Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives, Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles and Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct, etc., and presented to the board of directors for approvals to strengthen its governance effects.

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AcBel has always been people-oriented and adhered to the spirit of “Integrity” as its core corporate value and management philosophy. In addition, AcBel complies with related regulations governing TWSE/GTSM listed companies as well as formulates Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles, Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles, and Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles as guidelines for implementing corporate governance. AcBel also regularly publishes its governance information on Market Observation Post System and participates in yearly Corporate Governance Evaluation to share its data, facilitating AcBel’s development and governance mechanism, and helping stakeholders understand more about the effects of the company governance.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) represents the highest decision-making body responsible for formulating corporate development strategies. It is also in charge of appointment and supervision of managers at all levels, overseeing management performances and prevention of conflict of interests. In addition, the BOD is constantly dedicated to making sure the company’s operation complies with related laws and regulations governing corporate governance and adhering to resolutions of the shareholders’ meetings with a view to maximizing shareholders’ interests. The BOD also engages in protecting the rights and interests of all stakeholders, conducting corporate governance effectively and with accountability and implementing the scheme for management level succession to ultimately realize the company’s goal of sustainable corporate management.

The BOD applies the candidate nomination system, which selects 11 board members (including 3 independent directors) with the above mentioned required knowledge, skills, and professionalism through a transparent and open process. Information about each board member (including background, education, experiences, continuing education) and meeting details as well as any conflict of interest related information concerning member’s employment in other company, spouse or the second degree relatives employment have been faithfully illustrated in our annual report and disclosed on our official website and Market Observation Post System (MOPS) of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation. Please refer to page 7-13 of the 2019 AcBel Annual Report for details.

In 2019, six BOD meetings were held to discuss corporate governance operation issues and the discussion results were announced as regulated. In case the BOD meetings discussions concern the interest of directors, they should be handled in accordance with pertinent recusal measures or regulations to ensure the smoothness and functionality of corporate governance. Please refer to page 22-23 for meeting details and updates on executions of “interest-avoiding” measures in the 2019 AcBel Annual Report.

According to government regulations, the performance assessment measures of the Board of Directors are expected to be formulated by the end of 2020. The BOD’s devotion in promoting and realizing social responsibility and factors such as BOD members’ social responsibility performance and personal remuneration will be incorporated as part of the performance assessment criteria. This being implemented, we expect to strengthen the sustainable management of the company and fulfill the expectation of stakeholders. The position of head of corporate governance is also established for implementing related works of BOD, as to enhance the effectiveness of company governance.

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Shareholders' Meeting

Shareholders’ Meeting is a legal organization for exercising shareholders’ rights; it is also the highest decision-making body regarding corporate operation and management as well as handling any major issues concerning the interests of the company and its shareholders. The analysis of the composition of Shareholders’ Meeting shows that individual shareholders take the majority, accounting for over 50%, followed by foreign institutions and individuals. Please refer to the following table for details.

In 2019, one session of Shareholders’ Meeting and three sessions of Investor Meeting were held. More information about major resolutions, post-conference follow-up actions, and the list of major shareholders can be referred to on page 57 and page 66 of the 2019 AcBel Annual Report.


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Functional Committee

The Remuneration Committee, consisting of three independent directors, was established in 2011 to foster the connection between individual and corporate performance so as to achieve reasonable remuneration and attract and retain outstanding talents.

According to laws, regulations, and articles of the corporation, when the company makes profits after the close of a fiscal year, allocation ratio cannot be less than 2% of employees’ remuneration and higher than 2% of that of the board of directors. In 2019, the remuneration proposal of the employee, directors and supervisors was passed by the board of directors in March 2020, in which the remuneration was allocated to all employees, and directors/supervisors totaling NTD 44,548,805 and NTD 17,345,218 respectively, which were paid in the form of cash. The remuneration was increased by 91.14% than that of the previous year, totaling NTD 29,511,841.

The performance assessment measures of the Board of Directors are expected to be formulated by the end of 2020. The BOD members’ social responsibility performance and personal remuneration will be incorporated as part of the performance assessment criteria. This being implemented, it is expected to strengthen the sustainable management of the company and fulfill the expectation of stakeholders.

In order to increase corporate governance performance, the Audit Committee was established in June 2018, consisting of three independent directors who are in charge of supervising auditing and enhancing management mechanism. In 2019 the audit committee held five meetings, and the remuneration committee held three meetings, where discussion topics ranged from risk evaluation, audit planning, business expansion, employee’s salary and the remuneration of directors and supervisors, etc. and the meeting minutes were all accepted by the board of directors. Further details about the committee members and specific operation status of the committee are covered on page 24-26 and page 37-38 of the 2019 AcBel Annual Report.

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