AcBel Polytech Inc. 康舒科技

Green Process

Green Cycle

AcBel has been dedicated to the R&D, designing and manufacturing of power supply. We apply comprehensive green cycle model to minimize energy consumption from product development and design, production safety, manufacturing, consumer purchase, to recycling scrapped products at last. In fact, each product effectively saves energy consumption in its life cycle.

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Product Safety Testing

To protect consumer safety, we set up a professional safety laboratory that meets the "ISO 17025 Laboratory Quality ManagementCertification” for product safety testing, as to make sure the structure, performance and process specification of our products are in line with the industry standards of quality and quantity. To this end, the laboratory can be responsible for more than 90% of product safety type certification, except for some products with special specifications.


The company has passed the following safety certification standards:
• UL CTDP (Client Test Data Program)
• CSA CPC (Category Program for Certification)
• TUV TMP (Testing at Manufacturers' Premises)
• NEMKO SMT (Supervised Manufacturers' Testing)
• CSA CTF(Customer Testing Facility)
• NEMKO CTF(Customer Testing Facility)
• TUV CTF(Customer Testing Facility)
• IEC 62368 -1(Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment: Safety requirements)

Quality Management

The commitment of the quality policy—“Pursuing Excellence with Zero Deficiency”— has driven us to provide quality products and services. With the Certification of ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standardization, AcBel has incorporated quality awareness into one of the important elements of the corporate culture, in which reducing the cost affected by defect issues and producing quality products with high stability and reliability would strengthen our overall competitiveness in the value chain.


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In order to achieve continuous improvement in quality, the Quality Assurance Center initiates the Quality Improve Programs, to realize the goals of “Improving Customers’ Satisfaction” and “Reducing Quality Cost.” The goal is to enhance the company’s R&D capacity and strengthen analysis and problem solving skills, as well as reduce the defect rate with the help of design standardization and automated production. In addition, through the statistics, analysis, modification, supervision and prevention of management system, the goal of quality improvement can be fully realized.

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Chemicals Management

The manufacturing process of certain products of AcBel involves the utilization of chemicals, in which the flux/soldering paste and 5252 cleaner are the majority. We set up “chemical warehouses” and “hazardous waste storage warehouses” at each of our operating base to prevent hazardous incidents caused by improper storage of chemicals and avoid the possible damage to personnel and environment. We also formulate the "Chemical Operation Management Procedures" and "Waste Management Operation Procedures" for the implementation of the related operations. To ensure safety at workplace, the dedicated unit of occupational safety and health is responsible for supervision; in addition, operators are required to receive regular training and possess pertinent certificates to ensure safe on-site operation. Since the inception of the company, there has never been any major chemical or hazardous waste leakage or pollution in every operating site and hence no penalty has been filed by the local government so far.