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Sustainable Supply Chain

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Customer Communication

AcBel fully considers the opinions put forth by our customers in the monthly or quarterly business review meetings regarding “Rick Management,”“Product Quality,”“Social and Environmental Responsibility,” “Technical Support,” “Delivery Time and Price,” and “Peer Evaluation” as reference for enhancing service quality towards customers. In addition, in response to customer’s supply chain projects, AcBel regularly participates in supplier conferences and promotion programs to exchange ideas with industry partners as well as fill in evaluation questionnaires, with a view to attaining the goal of sustainable development with our customers.

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Supplier Management

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The primary responsibility for supply chain management lies in maintaining stable supply chain with high quality and reducing as well as avoiding the risks. In this regard, we have established the “Supplier Code of Conduct” according to international initiatives to require suppliers to sign aggrement and to operate in accordance with the principles outlined in the Code, including human rights of workers, health and safety, environmental protection, work ethics and management system. These five aspects are also stated in both parties’ procurement contracts and should be abided loyally based on regulations and laws.

Onsite audit is conducted based on verification standards including economic, environmental and social aspects regarding new suppliers and major suppliers, as to make sure the partners comply with the supplier regulations accordingly. We encourage excellent performance partners, provide coaching for mediocre performance partners, and disqualify severely under-qualified suppliers. In addition, we use multiple management mechanisms including training, tutoring and evaluation to introduce social responsibility to supplier’s daily management, in the hopes of implementing responsible supply chain and realizing the goal of economic sustainability.

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