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Green Sustainable Design

Products and Services

With the vision of "We Power the World with Sustainable/Renewable Energy and High Efficiency Power Supply" and the goal of “Becoming the Top 2 Power Supply Provider in the Global Power Supply Industry,” AcBel has actively incorporated highly-competitive technological advantage with production automation for the development and production of high efficiency and eco-friendly product to satisfy the needs of customers and consumers. Moving forward, AcBel will move up to the upstream of the supply chain, creating an innovative energy convergence service business model: generate, transform, use and store electricity as well as convergence service, increasing profitability of the company and for the enhancement of its market share by adopting multi-functional business transformation.

1. Power Supply for Industrial and Consumer Electronics Products

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2. Product and Services of Green Engergy Power Generating System

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Industrial Supply Chain

As a mature and professional manufacturer of power supplies, AcBel hs recently marched into the brand new area of energy integration as a service provider. Conventionally, AcBel has cooperated with its upstream component & material suppliers ( e.g., suppliers of PCB, active and passive components and magnetic components) for designing, manufacturing and assembly of its power supply products, witch are distributed to the downstream customers, including manufacturers of computers, home appliances, medical care products, aerospace, electric cars and so on. In the future, it will integrate PV modulde manufacturers, power plants partners and district energy technology to provide various categories of smart power solutions.

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Computer and Peripheral Industry

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Electric Car Industry

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Smart Grid Industry

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R&D and Innovation

AcBel applies core green power R&D technology to make our products more compact and featured with high density, high efficiency and low energy consumption, in response to the market requirement and future trend. We further expand R&D technology to two areas—Smart Energy and Power Innovation.

Smart Energy

With smart meters as the core carrier, we establish Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI), including Meter Data management System (MDMS) for installation and application of smart meters, and apply the integration of big data services to monitor and allocate electricity in a more effective way. In addition, we also actively engage in the aggregator service of solar plants, optimize the integration management platform for energy-related product visualization and digitization, apart from providing green electricity. With the help of data collection and analysis, the integration technology to connect energy devices and network fronthaul and backhaul as well as the introduction of energy management and demand control technology, the energy can be used in a timely and effective manner.

Power Innovation

We use better internal material and circuit architecture for power supply to increase power efficiency as well as reach the Titanium level, the most significant of the 80 PLUS certifications. This technology is further applied in our R&D and used in a series of high efficient power supply products, including cloud computing servers, industrial computers, communication equipment, storage systems and information applications; therefore we are committed to providing low carbon products with higher reliability and stability of power supply to reduce power consumption. In response to the development requirement of smart cities around the world as well as the goals and commitment of fulfilling environmental friendliness, we create green power supply products and services with concrete actions and build an international green brand as to realize AcBel’s corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

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Solar Energy Generation

With sunlight penetrating through solar module and being converted into Direct Current (DC), and then using inverter (ie.,transformer) to convert it into Alternationg Current (AC), which is integrated into the power grid, it can be directly supplied to the load and sold to increase the utilization rate of renewable energy. Our solar power plants have been engaged in the construction for a total of about 100MW (millon watts). We have also set up laboratories in Singapore to develop high-wattage solar bidirectional inverters and intelligent monitoring platforms for solar energy fields. It is expected to expand to 500MW in the next three years to integrate with the company's smart meter and power grid to build a total power technology solution.

R&D Patents

In response to rapid changes in customers and product market, AcBel is committed to talent training and academia-industry collaboration to fulfill the needs of customers and consumers as well as to increase capacity in R&D and innovation. In addition, AcBel also allocates a fixed proportion of the operating expenses to invest in R&D and incentive compensation, as to enhance innovative R&D capability and elevate the market competitiveness of the company.

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Gap of Learning & Field Academic Alliance

Since 2018, AcBel has participated in GOLF (Gap of Learning & Field) academic alliance founded by certain domestic corporations such as Compal Electronics Inc. in the hope of assisting students to connect with the industry in advance and enhance their adaptability and capability at workplaces. According to the data recorded from March 2019 to January 2020, the official website received more than 13,220 visits. The alliance provides programs covering web page editing, web page and software development, with 1,400 people register for programs, 430 hired interns and over 100 digital programs, in which 8% are recorded and provided by AcBel.

In 2020, AcBel is expected to recruit 12 R&D engineer trainees focused on electronic design, Software/Firmware R&D and mechanism design during the school semesters, summer vacation and school years. The industry-academic cooperation is expected to facilitate the integration of students with the industry.

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