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Social Care

Social Participation

AcBel has been investing in corporate resources to care for the society and has been actively integrating into the local community. In addition to providing economic support, our social participation in the local community is underlined by the fundamental concept of “humanity”. Diversified measures like accumulating spontaneous strength from employees and their families, caring for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups from remote areas and promoting education for energy saving and environmental protection have been taken to accomplish the goal of "Care education, Environmental Protection, Localization and Future Fulfillment."

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2019 Charity Activity

With the collective efforts from our employees as well as their family, community schools and welfare foundations, AcBel has demonstrated our passion for giving back to society and extending social influence. AcBel believes that fair education can facilitate transformation of a person’s future career and grants children from disadvantaged families diverse opportunities to learn. Therefore, AcBel has been dedicated to promoting education for elementary school students since 2010 in order to assist children from disadvantaged families in accessing more educational resources. We also collaborate with schools and teachers to provide educational resources and assistance to these school kids, who are the "future pillars of the society."

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Volunteering Leave with Pay / Charity Leave

Tamsui Plant has offered volunteering leave with pay and grants to encourage the participation of employees in company volunteering activities. In 2019, there were a total of 47 applicants for volunteering leave which accounted to 118 hours. Starting from 2020, we also provide our employees with 4 hours paid charity leave per year to motivate our staff to step outside of the office and participate in external charity events as well as to enhance their willingness of joining charitable activities.

"Energy-Saving and Carbon Reduction" Summer Camp

Every year during summer vacation, AcBel holds a series of “Energy-saving and Carbon Reduction” activities. In 2019, AcBel collaborated with Yu-Ying Elementary School, Tiansheng Elementary School and Jhongtai Elementary School in Tamsui District to host the “Energy-saving and Carbon Reduction” summer camp with a total of 103 participants. Practical activities to implement environmental protection education like in-campus promotion for energy-saving knowledge and tours to National Taiwan Science Education Center, benefiting a total of 267 elementary school students from 2017-2019.

"Flying with Dreams" Project

In 2019, AcBel participated in “Flying with Dreams” project proposed by Shu Chau-ing Foundation and a total of NTD 547,256 was raised to help 30 children from disadvantaged families to fulfill their dreams to cultivate diversified talents. This project had benefited 79 children from 2017-2019 to accomplish their talent cultivation plan.

"Dreams Come True" Activity

AcBel collaborated with Shu Chau-ing Foundation along with neighboring elementary schools to organize “Dreams Come True” activity in 2019. To make their dreams come true, 59 children from disadvantaged families were provided with Children’s Day gifts from the activity. A total of 124 children have received presents from their dream lists.

Blood Donation Activity at Manufacturing Plant

Tamsui Plant made a joint effort with Taipei Blood Donation Center to organize two “Heart-Warming Blood Donation” and a total of 106 employees donated 175 bags of blood in 2019. A total of 50 employees participated in the blood donation activity in Philippine plant in 2019. A total of 905 bags of blood were collected from 2017 to 2019 with 766 attendees.

Beach Cleaning

Together with Tamsui plant staff, AcBel had organized a beach cleansing activity on Green Reef Coast. A total of 34 employees and their family participated in the activity. They took practical actions to care for our living environment and implement the spirit of environmental protection along with our next generation.

Other Activities

AcBel held a united fund-raising activity to call for spontaneous donation from all employees and raised a total of NTD 749,570, with participation of 289 employees. All income was donated to charity organization. A total amount of NTD 1,757,940 was raised from 2017-2019. In addition, we cooperated with “Chung-Yi Social Welfare Foundation” every summer vacation to have our employees' children to run receipt donation activities on the street. The donated receipts were utilized for supporting orphans.

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