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Employee Benefits

Employee Salary

Aside from focusing on fulfilling career vision for our staff in human resources management, we also emphasize being equal in terms of employee remuneration regardless of their age, gender nationality or work content. In addition, a survey on remuneration in the industry is conducted on a yearly basis to map out better remuneration and rewards, not just for keeping and attracting talents but also for fulfilling market demand for talents and energizing human capital. AcBel provides higher basic salary than that set according to local regulations and conduct regular salary raise annually. The average salary at AcBel in 2019 was increased by 5.10% compared with 2018.

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Employee Benefits

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Childbirth Allowance

Faced with Taiwan's aging population and a low birth crisis, AcBel has provided employee maternity allowance benefits since 2011 for each newborn baby, applicable to the employees’ children as well. The employee will receive NTD 66,000 as maternity allowance to increase the willingness to nurture our next generation.

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Employee Clubs

We take care of employees' physical and mental health as well as maintain work-life balance by encouraging them to form their own societies, to build friendships and promote family relations, and to relieve pressure through participation in different activities with subsidy from AcBel. There were 9 employee clubs at the Tamsui plant. The total number of club participants and financial subsidies are listed below in the previous three years:

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Caring for Female Employees

AcBel attaches great importance to the working rights as well as labor force participation rate for our female employees. We are committed to not only improving working conditions for women and their employee benefits, but also providing exclusive measures or services to female workers. We prevent their career from terminated by pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. Practical measures are listed in the following:

(1) Providing nursery rooms and an unlimited breastfeeding breaks each day.
(2) Our company's professional nurses provide consultation before, during and after pregnancy.
(3) Conducting a "Workplace Women's Health Risk Assessment," setting "Female Employee Protection Regulations," and undertaking job adjustments whenever necessary.
(4) Legally providing maternity leave, parental leave, menstrual leave (only for Tamsui plant) and other work benefits.
(5) Providing priority parking spaces for pregnant employee (only for Tamsui plant).
(6) Cooperating with local health authorities to provide free mammography and pap smears (only for Tamsui plant).

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