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Manpower Management

Manpower Management

Upholding the core concept of “People being the most valuable asset that a corporate can't live without,” we believe that people are pivotal to corporate sustainable development and that interpersonal communication and empathy are the key momentum towards achieving corporate sustainability. AcBel manages to create a joyful workplace, in which employees can express their opinions through a smooth communication channel. In addition, we provide competitive remunerations and benefits to our employees. We also actively promote talent development programs and constantly enhancing the effectiveness of these programs so that the employees can be provided with more challenging career planning opportunities as well as channels for internal promotions. Through the implementation of these programs, we expect to attract and retain elites to join AcBel, so as to ultimately promote the competitiveness and innovation capabilities of the company.

AcBel’s Labor Policy and Management are in conformity with international guidelines, which are based on the principles of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization Conventions (ILO). Furthermore, we formulate our labor policy and management regulation following the requirements of RBA (Responsible Business Alliance), SA8000 (Social Accountability 8000 standard) and BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), ensuring that each applicant and employee is treated fairly and reasonably.

AcBel do respect and protect employees’ human right and prohibit any form of forced labor. Under no circumstances would AcBel hire people whose age is below the local legal working age, and allow young workers to work in hazardous areas or to work overtime and in nightshifts. We always respect employees’ freedom of assembly, association as well as collective bargaining. To protect employees’ rights in case of significant changes in corporate operation and labor conditions, notification procedures such as labor-management meeting are carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations in vigor to respect and protect employees' willingness and rights.

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Manpower Structure

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The operational headquarters of AcBel is located in Taiwan with major R&D department and 4 product manufacturing bases being established in various Asian countries. The company had 6,597 employees worldwide, 100% of whom were officially employed. Geographically speaking, 1,418 of these employees were in Taiwan, 4,532 were in China as the region with the most employees, and 647 were in the Philippines as the region with the least employees. In terms of gender, 3,796 of the employees were men (57.54% of the total population) and 2,801 were women (42.46% of the total population). The gender difference is mainly attributed to the nature of the electronics manufacturing industry which usually has a great number of men with an engineering background.

In terms of age, 3,632 employees are 30-50 years old (accounting for 55.06% of the total number of employees). In addition, 2,592 young employees under the age of 30 account for 39.29% of the total number of employees. These two combined make up more than 94% of the total employee population. In terms of academic qualifications, 1,832 of our employees are at least college graduates. These people, who mainly hold R&D and management positions, account for 27.77% of the total number of employees. The remaining 4,765 employees have at least a senior high school education level and account for 72.23% of the total number of employees. They are mainly engaged in production work.

In addition, there were a total of 153 people including contractors and resident personnel (e.g. security guards, janitors, gardeners,restaurant servers) in each base, which accounted for 2.32% of the total number of employees.

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Given the difference in job content, the turnover rate will be elaborated from two aspects. In 2019, the turnover rate at the operational level was on average 11.33% due to the competitive labor market and multiple career opportunities in China. Moreover, employees at both the Dongguan and Wuhan factories were generally younger and the employment market was highly selective, which results in relatively high turnover rate. An analysis of the turnover rate of employees (whether at the operational or staff level) who have newly arrived or left showed that most of them were under the age of 30. Among them, the operations section accounted for about 60 % of the group.

The results of interviews and surveys showed that operators’ resignation is mainly attributed to the monotonousness of work contents, undesirable salary or benefits and difficulty in adjusting to corporate management style. AcBel will optimize our corporate management system by continuously increasing remuneration benefits for our employees as well as improving workplace environment. We look forward to become a joyful corporate where our employees could fulfill their goals of self-realization, continual development and work-life balance.

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Female and Local Top Management / Disabled and Aboriginals Hiring Status

Statistics show that a total of 13 women held senior management positions in the company in the year of 2019, which accounted for 17.11% of the company’s senior management. The statistics demonstrates a continued growth in female executives and a significant increase by 3.43% compared with the percentage in 2017. To fulfill our social responsibility, a total of 736 employees from minority and disadvantage group were employed, which accounted for 11.16% of overall staff. Our basic employment principle is to adopt appropriate accommodations regardless of sexual orientation, race, physical or mental disabilities.

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Performance Assessment and Retirement System

Performance Assessment

A two-way communication performance management method in adherence to AcBel’s job description instructions is used to ensure all employees are qualified for their titles. To utilize AcBel’s incentive measures to the fullest, we combine multiple promotion channels, training program and flexible remuneration benefits to keep the momentum of the company going and pursue continuous personal improvement. Two performance evaluations were conducted annually with an aim to improve work performance and abilities for all staff in order to achieve the goal of sustainable development. The annual performance evaluation will be conducted once per year in 2020 in the hope of maximizing the group performance via a comprehensive evaluation between peers and mutual assistance for constant growth.

Around 9% of employee population received promotion from 2017 to 2019 in Taiwan headquarters and the percentage of employees promoted also reached 18% in China Plants. All employees are given equal opportunities for promotions and are not discriminated due to their race and gender. Various assessment and evaluation that took into account of corporate development goals, department requirement, individual performance, and talent management are conducted to find the perfect designation for all, so as to satisfy employees’ goal of career development.

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Retirement System

In accordance with the laws and regulations of the place where we operate, we implement various retirement plans that include pensions to protect the interests of our colleagues. In Taiwan, the company abides by the staff retirement management plan which is applicable to all officially appointed employees. AcBel complies with the "Labor Pension Regulations." Each person to whom this new system applies is required to contribute a 6% of their monthly salary to a special labor pension account managed by the Labor Insurance Bureau. As for the plants in China, a certain percentage of employees’ salary is deposited into the government’s social insurance account according to the salary of employees for the purpose of retirement when faced with oldness, sickness, disability, childbirth, death, disaster and life difficulties. The pension expenses allocated to the Labor Insurance Bureau in 2019 were NTD 44,146,000 in total. Other pension expenses and basic pension insurance expenses recognized by the subsidiaries included in the preparation of the consolidated financial statements are NTD 103.14 million.

Smooth Communication Channels

"Communication As the Best Management" is the communication core value between our company and its employees. We use a top down and bottom up communication strategy to understand the various needs of our employees and to help them clearly know of the company's goals. We also actively create a friendly and happy workplace for employees, give them a fair treatment, and establish positive relationships between them.

In 2019, a total of 23 employee opinions were received through employee communication channel. All opinions received were suggestions concerning corporate system made by employees. Special departments were assigned to reply and improve within the deadline and also include these opinions in the important reference to future strategic planning.

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