AcBel Polytech Inc. 康舒科技

Professional Training

Excellent Talent Cultivation

Different stages of learning including orientation and on-job training for our staff are provided. Capability improvement programs are designed in accordance with different job promotion to fulfill strategic planning of the company and self-development training for the staff. Except for internal training programs, we also encourage the acquisition of knowledge, techniques and core capability, coupled with subsidy and bonuses to accumulate human capital.

Our engineers are classified based on the type of R&D, using self-assessments from both R&D managers and colleagues. We take stock of the R&D capabilities, categorize them, and identify all insufficiencies which are then addressed through education and training to help improve personal research and development capabilities and optimize the use of R&D resources.




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Foreign Language Learning Promotion

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AcBel has provided language learning subsidy and grants together with professional certification awards to encourage employees to gain self-affirmation and increase career competiveness through obtaining professional licenses. The total amount of language learning subsidy and grants together with professional certification invested in 2019 increased by 0.8% than that of 2018; the applicants also gained 18.3% which shows both AcBel and the employees’ ambition in terms of language capacity and professional certifications. Language proficiency will be taken into account of employee recruit requirement to accelerate AcBel's goal of globalization for product market.

Emphasis on Human Rights Advocacy

AcBel formulates its labor policy with reference to international and domestic human right policies. Specifically, AcBel aims at ensuring all employees are not discriminated against at workplaces due to their nationality, skin color, age, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, physical disability, or pregnancy. In addition, AcBel strives to strengthen employees’ awareness of gender equality through proper education in order to prevent sexual harassment, bullying or any cases of inhumane treatments from happening at workplaces.

In order to advocate regulations regarding human rights under the framework of corporate social responsibilities, various activities are held regularly for employees, managers, suppliers and security guards. Complaint channels like emails, hotlines, and physical mailboxes are also established with dedicated personnel being fully in charge of handling any sort of workplace misconduct with a responsible and meticulous attitude. This ensures that the rights of all employees at all operating sites are 100% protected. In 2019, all plants have accomplished the evaluation for human rights.

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